Roger Federer: 'I want my children to be good and respectful people'

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Roger Federer: 'I want my children to be good and respectful people'

Roger Federer spoke about how he would like his four children to be as adults. The Swiss said: "I want them to be good citizens and good people. I go back to the respect. Be kind and grateful. I played tough matches and battles in my career, but I want them to be respectful for the rest of their life.

That's what's really important. Not the success." On his mentality during a tennis match, the world No. 3 added: "You have to take one point at the time, little by little you get to the finish line. You want to stay focused, enjoy the crowd that maybe drives you on.

The Wimbledon final may not go sometimes the way you want to but it's about trying your best and not having regrets. When I was younger I used to have many regrets and that was terrible. But I was just too crazy back in the day."

Asked what's the best country he likes to go on holidays in, Federer replied: "I got to say Switzerland because it may be the most beautiful country in the world. I love lakes and mountains. If you ask me about our favorite destination as a family, it would be the Maldives.

I love the tropical there, the island, the beach, the tranquility." Federer finally revealed: "I make fun with Tommy Haas who has retired now and he is the Tournament Director of Indian Wells that is one of the most beautiful tournaments in the world.

He was complaining so much in the mid match being like, Why don't you come to the net, why don't you hit that shot. So we joke about it."