Noah Rubin: 'When I faced Roger Federer, everybody suddenly knew me'

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Noah Rubin: 'When I faced Roger Federer, everybody suddenly knew me'

American player Noah Rubin believes several rules should be changed in men's tennis. Rubin thinks the season should be shorter and not 11 months long. "That's brutal for us, your body really looks like bad, and it's also brutal for fans who have to follow a tournament every week," he said.

"We are tired. We do not bring the sport to the next level. We kill it. We have to inspire kids again, but doing this way we cannot do it. Matches are long. There are women's matches in Grand Slams watched by ten fans. I once faced Marcos Baghdatis in Geneva and there may be 40 spectators.

In many places no one comes to watch, in many places, tennis is not popular." Rubin also believes the popularity of top players is too higher compared to the rest of the guys. "Imagine, I am facing Federer in a Grand Slam.

Normally nobody knows me. But when I faced Roger for the first time, they knew me all of a sudden. But five sets are too bad. We may play them in Majors starting from quarters. We need more players to directly face issues. Unluckily, I do not have Roger's number," he laughed.

The world no. 195 played Federer in the first round of the 2017 Australian Open. Federer won that match in straight sets. That year, Federer won the Australian Open title for his 18th Grand Slam win. The Swiss defeated Rafael Nadal in the final in five sets.