'Younger players not able to beat Nadal, Federer due to social media'

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'Younger players not able to beat Nadal, Federer due to social media'

The American performance physiologist Mark Kovacs believes that social media and mobile phones may be the reasons why younger players are not able to prevail over the Big Three yet. Kovacs said: "Rafa, Roger, Novak were the last generation to grow up without cell phones as kids.

Is this a possible reason why the new generation who are stronger, bigger, faster and younger still cannot find ways to beat them on a consistent basis?" Speaking to ESPN, Andy and Jamie Murray's mother, Judy, said: "Tennis is so much about problem-solving, and working things out for yourself and thinking things through, and being able to understand what's going on on your side of the net, but on the other side of the court as well.

You really need to think quickly and act quickly, so decision-making is such a huge part of it. And nowadays, there are just so many gadgets that do people's thinking for them. It just worries me, the over-dependence on gadgets."

David Sammel, head of the Bath Academy in Britain, concluded: "I think it is a contributing factor to the longevity of Roger, Novak, Rafa, and some of the doubles players that are playing into their early 40s now. Some of them, I hardly ever see them on a phone when they are doing their work.

And I know that some of them don't have the phone on them when they are playing grand slams. And they let their team and people take care of things, and focus totally on what they've got to do."