Londero: 'When you face Roger Federer, it seems he is a superhero'

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Londero: 'When you face Roger Federer, it seems he is a superhero'

It has been a great year so far for Juan Ignacio Londero. The Argentinean player won the Cordoba title earlier this year, then reached the French Open fourth round losing to the eventual winner Rafael Nadal and in Cincinnati he played against Roger Federer for the first time in career, losing in a straight-set second round match.

Londero believes both matches against the Spaniard and the Swiss were enjoyable ones although they were always leading the rallies and the score. "For a player like me, you feel like you are facing a superhero", Londero told La Voz speaking about the Federer matchup.

"And it makes you feel that. Before heading into the court, when you head and on the court itself. Like with Nadal. They are so good, mentally, physically and tennis-wise. With Federer, I felt he was not at his best and I was not at my best level too.

And I lost 6-3 6-4 and Federer lost the following day. I would have liked to face Federer after playing a couple more matches with those players." It is just about experience? "Yes and no. Because if you are experienced, it doesn't mean you will beat Federer.

There are a lot of players who are experienced and cannot beat him. And they are very good. It's not about it. I can only speak about what happened to me. I faced him and the following day he lost. That's why I have this feeling.

But I can play against this kind of players. I know I will not get dominated. In order to beat them, you have to be solid mentally and be excited to beat them."