Djokovic will hold more Major titles than Federer - Stefanki

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Djokovic will hold more Major titles than Federer - Stefanki

In an interview to The Tennis Podcast the former tennis coach Larry Stefanki commented on who will end up holding more Grand Slam titles between Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Stefanki picks the Serb. "Rafa can still win on the clay, he can win the French Open a couple more times but he will struggle when he will play best of five on a hard surface or grass.

Roger, he is still kicking in and he can win a couple more but Djokovic is a lot younger", said the American. He also spoke about his co-operation with Yevgeny Kafelnikov who got recently inducted into the Hall of Fame: "A lot of people ask me this question, how does a Russian end up being coached by an American? Well, I'll tell you, I've coached many players from various places around the globe.

I have found that athletes are athletes regardless of where they come from. Yevgeny and I just got connected. We had a very similar thought process about competing at the very top level. Yevgeny learned the game of tennis old-school style.

He was definitely a workhorse. Early on, he learned the importance of fundamentals, footwork, repetition, fitness and a work ethic that would bring him great success on tour. He definitely had the mindset of a champion early on, and the self-belief that would propel him to the top of the game.

Yevgeny won 26 singles titles, including two Grand Slam singles titles, the '96 French Open and the '99 Australian Open. He won 27 doubles titles. It included four Grand Slam titles, three Frenches and one US Open."