Roger Federer: 'I would love to play in Japan more often'

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Roger Federer: 'I would love to play in Japan more often'

Roger Federer was in Japan once a year in the last two years. The Swiss had promotional stuff in 2017 for Nike and in 2018 for Uniqlo. "Of course I’d love to play in Japan more often", he told the Japanese brand.

"Japan is one of those places I really enjoy visiting. Thanks to my connection with UNIQLO, I have so many Japanese friends now. I hope we can make it this year and the next. Plus, there’s the Olympics coming up in 2020.

Although who knows if I'll have a chance to play. We shall see." "I love working out all the finer details with my team at UNIQLO", added Federer. "Developing the gamewear line is what I've been enjoying most.

Tennis has such a great history, and I want to find new ways of celebrating that. I’m trying very hard. I hope that people look to me and say, “I love that tennis outfit Roger’s wearing”. On his activity with the Roger Federer Foundation, the world No.

3 said: "It focuses on early childhood education in Southern Africa and the underpriveleged children of Switzerland. The mission of the Foundation is to help children living in poverty. To make them strong, and give them opportunities.

Help them through new buildings. Through more educated teachers. Give them a chance to go to school", he concluded.