Roger Federer shares why he switched from Nike to Uniqlo

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Roger Federer shares why he switched from Nike to Uniqlo

Roger Federer shared why he switched from Nike to Uniqlo last year. The Swiss said: "I might retire from tennis at some point, but not from life. UNIQLO understands that about me. After all, it’s more than just a clothing company.

It’s a lifestyle. That’s what makes it LifeWear. I’d love UNIQLO to open up a nice store in the busy part of Zurich. They could even put a nice Japanese restaurant on top. UNIQLO has everything you need to dress yourself from head to toe, in all the different seasons.

I think they’d find a happy home in Switzerland." He loves the products from the Japanese brand: "Hands down, the puffy jackets (ULD). I think they make great socks, too. The jeans I’m wearing for this particular photo shoot are great as well."

What’s his favorite place in Switzerland? "Basel has to be my favorite city, since it’s where I grew up, but apart from that, Switzerland has so much natural beauty that I don’t know where to start.

Every time I see the Matterhorn, I feel fortunate that I was born here." Where would he like to visit next for tennis? "South Africa. My mom’s actually from there. Then, quite honestly, I love Asia. I like travelling all around Asia and playing in places I’ve only heard about, enjoying all the different sights, cultures and textures."