Federer: 'I hope I’m healthy enough to be playing sports in twenty years'

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Federer: 'I hope I’m healthy enough to be playing sports in twenty years'

Where does Roger Federer see himself in twenty years when he will be 58 years old? The Swiss replied: "I hope that I’m healthy enough to still be playing sports in twenty years, but a huge goal for me is to see my philanthropic efforts make a difference in the world."

Federer feels he still has many more things to accomplish: "Last night, when I was having dinner with my friend, he looked at me and told me what I’m doing on the tennis court at my age is amazing but he thinks that maybe even better days are ahead of me which, to me, meant he really believes in my character."

He added: "You’re gonna have a lot of time, so don’t stress out. Don’t get bogged down sweating the small stuff”. That sort of thing." Who’s the most stylish person out there? "I was lucky enough to have dinner with Tom Ford once.

He knew quite a bit about tennis, and obviously fashion, but we also had a great talk about art, movies, and books. There’s so much going on in the mind of somebody creative like him. Then he was nice enough to ask about my mindset as a professional athlete, my values, how I handle stress, the whole physical aspect of it, all kinds of things.

It was so interesting sharing our different experiences." Does he have any collections? "It’s funny, my dad used to collect stamps. When my family’s at the beach, we like to pick up seashells. And then we go to the forest and collect a lot of sticks. My kids love sticks. You should see our garage."