Roger Federer shares the player that has influenced him the most

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Roger Federer shares the player that has influenced him the most

In an interview to Uniqlo Roger Federer was asked who is the player that has influenced him the most. The Swiss picked the six-time Major winner Stefan Edberg who he worked with back in 2014 and 2015. "He had this calm demeanour.

Fans and journalists loved him. People only ever had good things to say. The two years he spent coaching me, it was such an honour and a pleasure", said the 38-year-old world No. 3. On his childhood goals, he added: "I honestly hoped I could win Wimbledon someday.

It wasn’t just a silly joke or dream. It was my real-life goal. I wanted to be Edberg. I wanted to be Sampras." René Stauffer, the writer of a recent book about Roger Federer, spoke about Swiss player's wife Mirka.

In 2002 Mirka ended her Career, she achieved a career-high ranking at No. 76, due to a foot injury. "She was so motivated that if her coach asked her to run a marathon before practice, she would have done it. Roger was surprised at how much she was involved.

He, after less than an hour, was bored!", said Stauffer who is close to the Basel native. "She was pretty good", said the former French player Émilie Loit, who faced and beat Mirka thrice on the Tour.

"She had a complete game but nothing amazing. Anyways, she did not have Roger's technique, flexibility and relaxing mood."