Nick Kyrgios doesn't get treated in the same way as Federer does - McEnroe

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Nick Kyrgios doesn't get treated in the same way as Federer does - McEnroe

In an interview to Marca, the former world No. 1 John McEnroe commented on Nick Kyrgios being punished for losing too much time between the second and third set during the match against Karen Khachanov in Cincinnati. Kyrgios went to the toilet and along the way, he broke two rackets.

In the end, he got a $113,000 fine. "What players want are clear innovations. There is a Hawk Eye Challenge for the doubtful balls and it's liked because it's a fair system. If you put a 25-second clock you need to always apply the rule and not be flexible.

Kyrgios definitely took a lot of time at the end of the second set with Khachanov, but normally he is one of the guys who serve quicker. If you have controversial popularity, and I tell that for experience, they do not treat you in the same way if you are Federer or the guys who never break rules," said McEnroe.

Speaking furthermore of Kyrgios, McEnroe added: "If he achieves consistency, he would be a top-four guy. Now he does not seem willing or able to do it. We all know of his talent, how popular he is among players. For me he is a good guy and brings things to tennis, that's why people want to see him on the court.

What I do not like of him is that he doesn't always give his best." On Alexander Zverev, he concluded: "I was not close to him but it's clear he is not focused on tennis. I do not know what is making him distracted, but I would be surprised that he would achieve a big result here."