Roger Federer: 'I am surrounded by women. I love it'

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Roger Federer: 'I am surrounded by women. I love it'

Roger Federer believes women helped him to be a better champion and person. The Basel native said: "I am surrounded by women! But I do not complain, I love it. My sister, my mother, who was unbelievably important for me, my wife.

We thought we wanted to have more daughters, as they were so nice, and this time we had twins. Mirka, my wife, has been unbelievable support throughout my career, a great person: the best wife and woman. So yeah, women have a big influence on my life and I thank them for it."

How does he keep himself inspired? "It's simple: I love playing tennis, travelling around the world, playing on the biggest courts. I also have a great team who supports me. I like going to tournaments and see other players.

The tour is like my second family and it helps. I hope people will look back to my career and say I was a good guy, that I was good for the Tour, that I helped Building it. I hope I receive this kind of respect. That people say I was an example, that I never thought only about myself and my success.'

A close source to the family said: "It's true that in the beginning, he was speaking a lot about Mirka's body and her love for money. There is also this love story involving Mirka and a rich Arab who she dated before facing Federer.

And it's true that she rules at home and manages the money. But over the years and successes, the respect was built. People knew she plays a key role."