Djokovic: 'Federer and Nadal's impact on Player Council has been great'

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Djokovic: 'Federer and Nadal's impact on Player Council has been great'

Novak Djokovic commented on how it has been like to co-operate with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the Player Council. The Swiss and the Spaniard joined the Council back in mid August and they had a meeting with Djokovic and the other Council members prior to the US Open.

"The impact is already great", recognized Djokovic. "They are the legends of our sport and two big names joining the council, there has already been a big impact on the rest of the players in the council, the larger group of tennis players in general, knowing that these two guys are willing to contribute to come in, to help out, to support, to participate in disussions and some decision making.

It was interesting. It has never happened that you have No. 1, 2 and 3 of the world in a council group that is a group of ten players so all I hear from other players is positive comments about it. It went well, they were very engaged so I’m looking forward to working with them."

"It wasn’t actually [that long], that’s why it was very surprising to be honest", added the world No. 1 about the meeting, comparing it to the seven-hour of Wimbledon. "The last two before last night were six and seven hours and last night was two hours and 15 minutes because it was well prepared prior to the meeting.

We still didn’t go through a full agenda, of course that’s what happens, most of the times, but at least it’s good that we are doing work prior to sitting down so that we could have a more efficient meeting."