Roger Federer has earned more than Djokovic & Nadal combined over 12 months

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Roger Federer has earned more than Djokovic & Nadal combined over 12 months

Roger Federer is once again the highest paid tennis player. From 31 June 2018 to 31 June 2019, the Swiss player has earned $93.4 million coming from appearance fees, prize money and endorsmements. Federer works with 12 sponsors, including Uniqlo that gives him $30 million a year.

Novak Djokovic is the second highest paid tennis player having earned, for the first time in his life, more than $50 million over a year. Lacoste pays Djokovic more than $10 million. Kei Nishikori has earned more than Rafael Nadal, $37.3 million vs $35m., as the Japanese earns $34m.

Serena Williams has earned $29m. Alexander Zverev has cracked the top ten of this list for the first time. That's definitely not a good year for Juan Martin del Potro. In June the Argentinean underwent a knee surgery and he is recovering from it.

Now his dog has died. Last year his first dog, Cesar, had died, now it was Astor's turn. Through his official Instagram account, the 30-year-old wrote: "Now you went to the Paradise, but you will meet our little friend Cesar and you will enjoy yourself with him like you always did.

Thank you for being my mate over all those years." Serena Williams spoke about how it is like to be a tennis player and a mother at the same time: “That’s so important. … I’m telling you, it’s so hard to be a mom.

I have my own job and I make my own schedule, but even then I still have commitments, and I can’t imagine moms that get two weeks off and have to go back to work. It’s impossible. I couldn’t have done it. I literally couldn’t have done it."