Roger Federer shares reasons behind slow start against Dzumhur

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Roger Federer shares reasons behind slow start against Dzumhur

Roger Federer commented on his slow starts against Damir Dzumhur and Sumit Nagal in the US Open. The Swiss player said: "I have been in that position many times where you go through a little phase where you don't start so well and everybody asks you right away, What are you going to do? You're like, 'I don't know.'

Just go back to the drawing board. Just do the same things again. You hope for a better outcome. I don't think there is per se a secret to a good start other than warming up well, being well-prepared mentally. Not underestimating your opponent.

I did all of that. You know me, I will always do that. So when it happens like this back-to-back matches, you know, it's just a bit frustrating more than anything, especially when the level is that low and there is that many errors and the energy is not kind of there.

But, yeah, can only do better, which is a great thing moving forward." Federer added: "I got exactly what I expected from both guys. I knew what Nagal was going to give me. I knew what Dzumhur was going to give me.

But I didn't expect to hit 15 to 20 unforced errors, which is basically in the entire set just sort of donated. But look, they came out and they were well prepared and got me to do that. But I clearly have to play better from the get-go."