Sumit Nagal: 'I enjoyed every moment against Roger Federer'

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Sumit Nagal: 'I enjoyed every moment against Roger Federer'

In an interview with PTI, Sumit Nagal commented on his first-round loss to Roger Federer in the US Open on Monday. The Indian player said: "Staying disciplined and listening to people is the change. I have a big problem that I don't listen, sometimes.

This is where Milos (his coach) comes in. He has his own principles, who is hard to work with but he is great to work with. It's about being disciplined both on and off the court. Doing the same things for three hours and doing the same thing for 90 minutes, that's the difference.

I am doing my best to do the same thing for hours and hours until I get good at it. I enjoy working with them. Understanding my game and how to play points in my favour which is going to make me a better player and win more matches, that's is the most important thing about working with Sasha."

Nagal takes what's positive as he faced a legend of the game: "I learnt a lot from him last night (Monday), how to carry yourself, how (when) to show emotions, mixing it up. It felt amazing, I could not have asked for a better matchup on my debut at Grand Slam and on the biggest tennis court, I guess.

The crowd was amazing, I enjoyed every moment out there. The key was that I served better than him in the first set, making a lot of body serve. I was also sticking to my plan, how to control points and still stay aggressive, that's why I think I won the first set.

But things changed in the second and third, he started serving well, took the lead, he got the breaks early, I was always under pressure."