Sumit Nagal: 'I could not find my toss against Roger Federer'

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Sumit Nagal: 'I could not find my toss against Roger Federer'

Sumit Nagal has been giving a lot of interviews in the last days following his four-set loss to Roger Federer at the US Open. The Indian player said: "Winning the first set was great but it's not the end of the match.

I knew who I was up against. After the first set, I didn't feel like 'yeah, this is it, I am gonna win it' Of course, there is some belief, some trust you have in yourself somewhere. I was just trying my best to think point by point but it's not easy when you are playing before such a massive crowd, big screens, lots of things happening, it's super bright in there.

You lose your focus, your eyes always wander. That's what happened. I was struggling with the lights, I couldn't find my toss right. It was the first time I was playing under such bright, strong lights. I don't even remember the last time I played under the normal floodlights so I was really having a torrid time there.

Also a bit of nerves. I'm working to get my serve better. I've had a really nasty shoulder injury in the past but things are getting better. I've begun trusting my shoulder more. In future you're going to see better serves coming in from me."

Speaking about his idol, Nagal added: "I don't have a favorite but I really like watching Rafa Nadal play. He is amazing. The hunger he has in his eyes and the intensity he brings with every point is just phenomenal.

I really, really like to copy him and also try to copy his intensity in my practice sessions and matches. Hopefully someday I can bring some aspects of my game at least a little close to his."