Roger Federer denies he will attend Rafael Nadal's wedding

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Roger Federer denies he will attend Rafael Nadal's wedding

In a press conference speaking to the Swiss press Roger Federer denied that he and his wife Mirka got invited to Rafael Nadal's wedding that will take place on October 19. The Basel native said: "You should understand you cannot believe at everything that appears on the reports.

I do not know anything about it. And I have a plan for the weekend before the Basel tournament." Federer also said that he texted Nadal during Wimbledon about possibly joining the Player Council back. Also his agent Tony Godsick spoke to Carlos Moya to see if there was some interest.

"So we spoke and we agreed we have to do it together. We have very similar points of view. And we are at a stage of our career where we think about what we will leave to tennis. If we get involved in the Player Council, it's for the future and not for us.

Because it takes years before everrebjnr gets together. Rafa and I have strong personalities, we sit and say what we like or what we do not. So hopefully there will be less mistakes, things can be solved and no one says what happens inside.

The respect between me and Rafa is big. We appreciate our honesty each other. We can look back and we can say we are happy to have competed so well each other. And that we left so well."