Roger Federer doesn't get influenced by distractions, says Annacone

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Roger Federer doesn't get influenced by distractions, says Annacone

The former Roger Federer's coach Paul Annacone commented on the Swiss player's slow start at the US Open. The American said: "For most people, I would say, 'Yes, the distractions are a threat.' But for Roger? He's always handled distractions better than anyone I've ever seen.

You don't like to see that happen to anyone. So, yeah, there has been some bad luck. After the loss, Roger told me, 'Look, there are a couple of Slams that maybe I shouldn't have won, either.' Pam Shriver said: "This fourth major of the year is always seen as the toughest in tennis.

The late nights, the heat, the chaos of the entire New York scene. You don't know it's draining you, but it's taking a little bit more from you each day." Brad Gilbert added: "The courts [here] may be similar to those in Australia.

But that early in the year Roger is coming off a little break, and he's had a training block. The US Open is eight months later, after a lot of tennis. He's not 28, he's 38." Novak Djokovic's strategy analyst Craig O'Shannessy spoke about what makes the Belgrade native so special: “What Novak does is rebound the power back at the server. He uses the energy given to him and uses very little from his own body. He neutralizes so quickly."