Roger Federer's slow starts were caused by emotional issues - Navratilova

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Roger Federer's slow starts were caused by emotional issues - Navratilova

The former world No. 1 Martina Navratilova spoke about Roger Federer dropping off the first set both against Sumit Nagal and Damir Dzumhur. The American said: "I am not too worried, Dzumhur is a much more quality opponent, he had to play really good tennis and he is still shaking off the disappointment of Wimbledon.

He was not 100 percent ready at the beginning of the match but then when push comes to shove he puts it together. It's more emotional than anything else. Physically he looks fantastic and he will turn up as determined as it goes."

Jim Courier said: "It must be to feel so badly about your game and still win so comfortably. This is something only Martina in this desk can relate to, winning your matches and maybe not feeling great about it. For Federer, what's gonna happen in one week or two.

That's what's all about, he is rounding into shape, he needs matches and get it going." Navratilova also spoke about Novak Djokovic's arm injury: "It affects your movement, the way you play and feel, I just hope he is okay.

He has a great trainer." Meanwhile Ivan Lendl recalled his co-operation with Andy Murray who won all the three Grand Slams under his guide: "I do not think I turned him around, I just gave him a little nudge with experience and so on.

Also Andy and I understood each other really well. I knew he was going through what I was going through. If I have a choice with Andy I would not want coaching to be allowed because he is one of the smartest players out there so it's his advantage not to have that.

Then to other players, especially the younger players, I would like to help during the match, and then talk about it after the match."