McEnroe shares why Roger Federer is more 'incredible' than Serena Williams

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McEnroe shares why Roger Federer is more 'incredible' than Serena Williams

In an interview, John McEnroe praised Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The seven-time Major winner, speaking during the US Open, said: "You are looking to the greatest players ever. You have more understanding of recovery, you have a better understanding to take the best out of you, you have a team as there is more money and they help the players to play longer.

Serena is incredible but Federer even more because it's the men and they have to play the best of five sets. That guy is 38. In '91 at the US Open Jimmy Connors reached the semifinals at 39 and he was beaten up. It's asking a lot to Roger to go all the way.

The match at Wimbledon was one of the best ever I have ever seen, I'd love to see that again." McEnroe added: "It's a great time. There is a lot of characters, personality, these are the three greatest players ever (who have) ever lived.

Djokovic is most likely go and gotta break Roger's 20 Grand Slam titles record. 20, 18 and 16 are sick numbers, this is like Tom Brady winning six Super Bowls. It's unheard of what Roger has done. It's amazing. I am not gonna say he can't win one.

I did not think he'd win one six years ago. He has been able to come off injuries, win Majors. The fact that they want more is what bugs me about the younger players, why the hell these guys want more than the young guys that have not won anything? So you got to dig deeper."