Roger Federer: 'At 15 years of age I did not behave like Cori Gauff does'

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Roger Federer: 'At 15 years of age I did not behave like Cori Gauff does'

Roger Federer praised Cori Gauff's mentality. The Swiss player said: "I just thought, yeah, it was a nice moment. It showed both personalities from both players. In a way also tennis won on the night, not just Osaka. Also Coco, the way she handled herself anyway.

It's incredible at 15. I can't even think being so well-behaved at 15. Of course, everything comes crashing down on you. You're exhausted. It's finally over. There's even relief. You're sad about the result. I thought it was a big moment.

There was huge momentum since Wimbledon with Coco here in the States. It was a great ending in some ways, that interview, rather than maybe just a 6-Love set in the second set, walking out, just getting a great ovation. I think it was a nice way to show that the players care for one another on this tour."

Gauff spoke about what makes her and Catherine McNally similar: "I think that in general we're just both mentally positive and strong on the court, and I think we both just really, Caty, I was, like, we just have fun.

Both our coaches just tell us to have fun out there on the court and play our game. I think that kind of shows, I guess, to you guys. I think that shows in our results, as well. We're kind of out there having fun and enjoying it."