Roger Federer: 'Sometimes records really pushed me'

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Roger Federer: 'Sometimes records really pushed me'

Roger Federer spoke about the importance of records for him. The Swiss player has reached his 56th Grand Slam quarter-final. Federer said: "We could be here for a long time, which ones I like the most, which ones I don't.

Sometimes they've definitely motivated me. Sometimes they've pushed me. Sometimes they also created so much pressure it was almost not funny anymore to some extent. I'm complaining of a very high level now, when you're trying to go for your fifth Wimbledon, trying to break the all-time Grand Slam record, and Pete is sitting there or Borg sitting there, and you're like, Oh, my God, what are they going to be thinking? It's definitely very special to be playing for these records.

Being in my 56th quarters now of a slam is definitely a nice feeling. That was obviously the initial goal here at this tournament, try to make it so far. So, yeah, I think I use it at the right times for motivation, I guess. That's how far it goes.

I don't like to think about it or talk about it all the time with the team or the press just because I want to remember what it was supposed to be when I started. Back in the '80s when I started, people were not only talking about records all the time.

This is a new phenomenon with social media, with the press. Everything being more professional, everybody talks records and numbers. I get it, especially in this country where statistics and numbers are everywhere, we talk even more about it.

I get it. It's helped me at times. At the same time I always try to remind myself it's just a side story. What happened on the court today was more important."