Federer plays two roles in Laver Cup.We can't deal with them-St. Petersburg

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Federer plays two roles in Laver Cup.We can't deal with them-St. Petersburg

In an exclusive interview to Tennis World USA the ATP St. Petersburg Open organizer Natalia Kamelzon commented on the Laver Cup taking place in the same week as the Russian event and Metz. She said: "Quite clearly, as organizers we keep an eye on what is going in the world of tennis in general and in the ATP events in particular – and on the opinions of our colleagues about that.

So let me just quote one of them – the Marseille Open Tournament Director Jean-François Caujolle. He was pretty straightforward about the Laver Cup that was created by Roger Federer and his agent Tony Godsick, noting that “it shouldn’t be part of the calendar” and that the Laver Cup must be a show and by no means part of the ATP-Tour, nor should it be held on the same week as other ATP events.

Federer is playing two roles here – the role of a player and the one of an organizer-entrepreneur - thanks to his huge authority de facto pushed this decision through, so now his commercial tournament is part of the calendar.

This could open Pandora’s box for there are other commercial tournaments in the world, and if they begin to include each of them in the official ATP calendar, well, let me tell you… But then again - let’s not anticipate, time will put everything in its place.

There have been quite a few commercial tournaments in modern history of tennis, which, let me put this way, did not stay around for a too long time – like the International Premier Tennis League. Everything started well, but then the sponsors somehow disappeared and it all faded away.

We’ll see. After all, this tournament was introduced three years old whereas our tournament will take place for the 25th time next year. It's a big difference. It is understandable that many tennis stars, including some participants of our past editions, accept the big appearance fees. But the St. Petersburg Open has a bigger value than the Laver Cup."