Roger Federer: 'I feel low, I was playing with back injury the whole time'

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Roger Federer: 'I feel low, I was playing with back injury the whole time'

Roger Federer shared why he took a medical time out off the court after the fourth set against Grigor Dimitrov. The Swiss player, who lost in five sets to the Bulgarian, admitted he did not feel at his best. "I just needed some treatment on my upper – what is it – back, neck.

Just needed to try to loosen it up, crack it and see if it was going to be better", said the Basel native. "Yeah, but this is Grigor’s moment and not my body’s moment, so… It’s okay. I was playing with it (the back injury) the whole time, but I was able to play.

Just low. Just disappointed it’s over because I did feel like I was actually playing really well after a couple of rocky starts. It’s just a missed opportunity to some extent that you’re in the lead, you can get through, you have two days off after.

It was looking good. But got to take the losses. They’re part of the game. Looking forward to family time and all that stuff, so… Life’s all right." Asked if his Wimbledon final loss to Novak Djokovic wasting two match points influenced him mentally, Federer replied: "I mean, I didn’t think of it.

If you move on, it’s a thing of the past. I do remember playing good semis there, so it wasn’t bad. If I think of that, I’m, like, really happy actually how I was able to play the last whatever, 15, 20 sets of the tournament.

I know people read into it. They think, all that stuff. That is definitely not the reason why I lost tonight. I was ready to go, try my best. It wasn’t enough. It’s purely here tonight."