Age seems to have caught up with Roger Federer, says Mats Wilander

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Age seems to have caught up with Roger Federer, says Mats Wilander

Mats Wilander commented on Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic's respective US Open losses against Grigor Dimitrov in the quarter-finals and Stan Wawrinka in the fourth round. The Swede said: "Clearly Novak was not 100 per cent starting the tournament, but you could maybe question after Wimbledon what did he do, why didn't he play more than one tournament.

Roger Federer, age caught up to him it seems. These courts are tough on your back, on your body. Clay courts we are always saying, Oh, clay court is so hard. No, it isn't. Clay is the easiest surface to play on, why they are so afraid of it.

(On) hard-courts, this is the biggest problem for Federer last year and this year." The seven-time Major champion also praised Matteo Berrettini. "I like him because he is a player who likes playing three out of five sets.

I am sure that he is gonna feel a little bit tired after that match but somehow he has got a great attitude, he is very positive, non-Italian, and he is focused the whole time every point. He takes the good with the bad because there were so many bad things in the match against Gael Monfils and that's what the greatest player do in the Grand Slams.

They know that they are not gonna play great for five or four sets but they go in and out and they are waves and that's why Rafael Nadal is unbeatable in these last couple of matches," concluded the Swede who lives in the United States.