We will ask advices to Federer in order to beat Nadal - Medvedev's coach

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We will ask advices to Federer in order to beat Nadal - Medvedev's coach

In an interview to Le Figaro, Daniil Medvedev's coach Gilles Cervara spoke about the upcoming US Open final between the Russian player and Rafael Nadal. Cervara admitted that Medvedev already achieved a surprising results regarldess of the outcome.

"At the start of this tournament, we did not think that far. There were Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. Daniil stayed humble after every win. Trying to give his best in every match and point. It's not necessary to think too much about the future.

Stick to the present. He just wants to win. His court coverage is incredible, he gives all the balls back. The future, in the next weeks or years, will tell us if he is a real champion. He is a winner, like the Big Three. They are used to win and they are never satisfied."

Asked how they will prepare the match, Cervara replied: "We will have a small phone chat with Roger Federer, because he will definitely help us to win this match (laughter). It's a joke, of course, but why not? It's good that Daniil played Rafa recently, because when you face the Spaniard for the first time is not easy at all.

His start was good and then he started being too much in a rush, he was not ready enough to fight. He can cope with it." After winning a Challenger tournament Jo-Wilfried Tsonga spoke about his run in the event and also the US Open final: "The package is full.

I managed to win several matches in a row, difficult matches. I got what i came here for this week: points and most of all confidence, which allows me to be calm playing the following events." "What was the last match they have faced each other in? (6-3 6-0) So Nadal will win."