Federer-Djokovic final slightly better than Nadal-Medvedev, says Courier

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Federer-Djokovic final slightly better than Nadal-Medvedev, says Courier

What happened to Rafael Nadal when he was leading two sets to love and a break up in the third set against Daniil Medvedev in the US Open final on Sunday? After that, the Russian came back and took it to a fifth. Jim Courier, a four-time Major winner, said: "It got complicated.

Medvedev just pulled the rabbit out of the hat, got right back into it. We all thought that going into this match he would fade physically if not emotionally from the pressure in the way to the expectation but he just kept coming, his backhand was so good, his tactics were amazing, there were so many serve and volleys, he kept this match alive, the crowd got behind him because they wanted to see more tennis.

I am not sure what was a better match between the Wimbledon final and this one. I would edge slightly towards Wimbledon was right in the upper drawer." Former Roger Federer's coach Paul Annacone added: "It's amazing.

You always wonder what's going to happen with a young player when they get in a situation like this match. This guy had run 13 miles and Nadal just seven heading into the final in this tournament. He kept fighting, it was incredible.

I never thought I would see someone at this stage in his career able to end the environment like Medvedev did." Sandra Bernhar: "This man is soulful and a true champion @RafaelNadal took it to the limit tonight @usopen #19 incredible inspiring."