I hope Nadal, Federer,Djokovic era has ended and Medvedev's starts -Andreev

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I hope Nadal, Federer,Djokovic era has ended and Medvedev's starts -Andreev

The former player Igor Andreev spoke highly of Daniil Medvedev following his tight US Open final loss to Rafael Nadal. The Russian said: "I thought it would have been difficult for him considering the last intense month.

But he once again showed that nobody understands what his limits are. Nobody exactly knows when he will get tired, when he doesn't. What he did over the last month and especially today is more than a miracle. He came back from two sets to love.

Even people who did not cheer him, today they admired him. We know Nadal is one of the strongest guys on tour. We are disappointed that he lost but what he showed was great. Unbelievable respect for him. Today he is a hero. He showed to everyone that despite the issues he had with the crowd during the tournament, everything could change with his game.

Only he knows how he made a turnaround in the third set. He never gives up." Looking to the future, Andreev added: "I hope that the era of Nadal, Federer and Djokovic is about to end and that the era of Medvedev, Khachanov and Rublev will start."

Speaking about how he handled with the pressure, Medvedev concluded: "Was not difficult because, as I say, I mean, even though it's my first Grand Slam final, I've been playing tennis for 17 years. Had a lot of big matches, not as big as this one. I mean, I'm ready for these moments to just be there and try to win the match."