'Nadal is an amazing person, hopefully he breaks Roger Federer's record'

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'Nadal is an amazing person, hopefully he breaks Roger Federer's record'

Spain's Fed Cup team captain Anabel Medina praised Rafael Nadal's US Open final win over Daniil Medvedev. Speaking to EFE, Medina said: "What he achieved was impressive, a great final. I thought that given the Canada final he would win easier, but Medvedev increased the level in an amazing way, but I would take Rafa's ambition and desire.

From 5-2, he started being nervous, we saw his human side, but in the end he showed the champion he is and you could see that by the way he ended the match. It's a well-deserved win, I am happy and hopefully he can overcome Federer because he is an amazing person and he is Spaniard.

Of course it's not easy and then you have Djokovic behind too, so you may have to look more at Djokovic because Federer had an amazing career and is older while Djokovic has more time left. Rafa's ambition will make him keep winning Grand Slams.

He has the French Open in his hands and it's the one where he has most chances to win. Now Nadal is at a very big level, he is healthy, feels comfortable and is smart in handling his schedule, being very cautious and reducing the number of tournaments.

As you get older it's important to pick tournaments. It will make his career longer and hopefully he can get where he wants to." Medina also praised Bianca Andreescu's triumph on the women's side: "It surprised me because her year has been amazing.

She was in Auckland and reached the final, she was in Indian Wells and won, then she got injured, came back in Canada and won and now the US Open comes and he wins. She lost just three matches throughout the year."