Rafael Nadal has strength and desire to overcome Roger Federer - Toni

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Rafael Nadal has strength and desire to overcome Roger Federer - Toni

Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni commented on his nephew's win over Daniil Medvedev in the US Open final. "I thought the match was closer to Medvedev than Rafael. I understand Rafael's tears after the nerves he went through, after being aware that he could have lost.

When he says he is old, he jokes. He has strength and desire to overcome Federer's 20. He knows it's not easy, but I do not think that getting older will not allow him not to reach Federer", Toni told La Sexta. On Nadal's longevity, his coach Carlos Moya said: "It's a combination of reasons, not just one.

His tennis quality, smartness in handling the schedule and training." David Ferrer said: "Now Federer's record is as close as ever. And Nadal wants it. Rafa has always been a different player from a mental point of view.

A special player. The best ever. Hopefully we keep enjoying him for many more years." Mikhail Youzhny said: "Honestly, I did not think Medvedev would have reached the final this year. Also because he was cramping in the first rounds.

And especially against Stan Wawrinka. After going past Wawrinka, I thought that against Grigor Dimitrov he would have many chances. I do not think he was making mistakes against Nadal. He had a mental toughness and played great. He showed to be a high level player."