Rafael Nadal will hold more Majors than Federer and Djokovic - Uncle Toni

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Rafael Nadal will hold more Majors than Federer and Djokovic - Uncle Toni

In an interview to El Toro TV, Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni spoke about what makes the Spanish player special. The 58-year-old said: "He has very good born qualities but if he had not trained them every day, since he is very little, it would not work in a match like that.

Fighting until the end was a thing he had to do to win but also to be satisfied with his job. It's easier to do it when you usually win. I see him being in good physical shape, with the desire to fight every day, I saw him with the same excitement or similar to the one he had when he was 19, 20 years old.

He knows that years have been going on and he is not that young like he was in the first French Open. But I think he can play for a few more years." Toni added: "He has great technical ability. People forget that only with the mind, you do not win at the US Open, Australia or Roland Garros.

He has a great ability with the hand, he is able to go through very difficult situations and on the other side, he has a mental ability that makes him being in a balanced situation. Over all those years he had, apart from big rivals, injuries and he always came back, almost stronger than at the start."

On who will hold most Major titles between the Big Three, he concluded: "I think that Rafael will. Federer will have more than 20 Grand Slams. It's not easy but his excitement and physical and mental strength can let him be competitive next year."