Former Formula 1 winner makes comparison between Leclerc and Roger Federer

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Former Formula 1 winner makes comparison between Leclerc and Roger Federer

The 1979 Formula 1 championship winner Jody Scheckter made an interesting comparison between Charles Leclerc, who won the F1 Monza GP on Sunday, and the 20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer. “He’s a wonderful, a really nice guy", said Scheckter in an interview to RaceFans.

"I look at him as the Federer of Formula 1. Hopefully he can get the results. It’s funny, I’ve never really looked at drivers and thought ‘wow' Before I raced and after I raced, Leclerc is the first one.

I really have, and I hate to say, I nearly have an affection for the guy. I always say he’s calm, he seems a really nice guy, he’s massively talented. He’s got to get it together a little bit, you know. But what’s the curious thing is how does a person like that come from Monaco? That’s what baffles me”.

Scheckter also spoke about the Formula 1 evolved. “Some of the rules, I cannot see the logic. They seem to me the most illogical. I can’t understand it, spoiling the sport. Otherwise it’s been quite exciting, some of the last races”.

In an interview to Global News Bianca Andreescu revealed one of the most special conversations she had with a global athlete following her maiden Grand Slam title at the US Open. The Canadian player said: “LeBron James reached out to me.

That surprised me a lot. That’s crazy!” Andreescu did not expect so much success and her fans either: “I’m sure they never really expected this to happen, especially so quickly. They’ve dedicated a lot for me to be where I am”.

“There is always room for improvement, obviously, but I think right now, women’s tennis has skyrocketed. Hopefully I can be part of that journey and continue Billy’s legacy."