Sumit Nagal: 'I did not want to speak after loss to Roger Federer'

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Sumit Nagal: 'I did not want to speak after loss to Roger Federer'

In an interview, Sumit Nagal looked back to his four-set first round loss to Roger Federer in the US Open. The Indian player said: “Yeah, I thought for a bit that I could win the match. I thought it could be a five-set match and anything can happen.

When I sit back and look, there were times here and there where I stepped away from the tactical plan. I think we all learn from mistakes. I hope I do too”. Nagal felt a bit of disappointment after the match: “I did not want to speak.

My trainer, my coach, the team who were supporting me came. But other than that, I went for a shower, got a massage, did my usual things and got back home to my room." The Indian cricketer Virat Kohli praised Nagal through social media.

“I have not spoken to him much", said Nagal. "When I was selected for the scholarship by his foundation, he said, ‘Congrats’ and I said, ‘Thank you’. I do my thing and he does his thing.

The tweet about him being on my side instead of Federer’s was motivating for me. Many people asked me about it and it was a great gesture for which I am very thankful." On the prize money, Nagal concluded: “It is not like it is a million.

It is $58,000, which all goes back. A week here [New York)] costs you at least $3,000 to $5,000. I have been here for eight to 10 weeks. It goes away fast, personally."