Rafael Nadal showed many times he has heart of gold,says Federer Foundation

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Rafael Nadal showed many times he has heart of gold,says Federer Foundation

Roger Federer said that Rafael Nadal has a heart of gold, announcing that he and the Spaniard will play Match for Africa 6 in Cape Town. The CEO of the Roger Federer Foundation Janine Händel definitely agrees with the Basel native.

"This is not the first time that Rafa shows his generosity and philanthropic committment. It never takes him too long to say yes when he can help. Everybody knows how engaged he is with his own Foundation. He really shares the same cause to empower children give them better opportunity in life to succeed", Händel told TW USA.

The Federer Foundation has gone a long way since it was created back in 2003. The CEO Janine Händel iterates the remarkable development the Foundation has made, the impact achieved but she hinted that there will new milestones in the future.

"Having reached more than one million children last year is a privilege but we will be more ambitious in our new strategy going for the next seven years", recognized Händel. "We will try to improve preschooling in a systemic manner in all the African countries we are working in.

Every child should have a good start into education. For this we have developed tools and approaches to enhance the competency of educators, improve the learning environement for young learners . In some countries we will reach out to all pre pre-schools classes nationwide, in some others we need to limit ourselves to around 2000 schools.

But until 2025at least two million if not 2.5 million children will be reached”. Asked how many shirts and shoes signed by Federer are sold for charity, Händel added: "I have no idea. As many as we can sell.

There is not a certain number. The shop is handled by a company, not by ourselves as we are a chartitable organisation and do not conduct commercial activities."