Roger Federer Foundation will donate 50 million dollars by end of 2019

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Roger Federer Foundation will donate 50 million dollars by end of 2019

Roger Federer Foundation aims to hit new heights and in an exclusive interview the CEO Janine Händel spoke about how much money they were able to spend back since 2003. "The Foundation will have invested by the end of the year $50 million dollars, and most of them are coming directly or indirectly from Roger.

We are very privileged and grateful that we also receive donations from other Foundations and philantropists who share our cause", she said. "He started the Foundation when he was 21 years old and not number one in the world yet.

He was a young man who did not care about the good image, he was just focused on evolving as a person and giving back something to people who are less priviledged as he was. Roger started his own Foundation taking the full responsibilities for everything the Foundation is doing, spending a lot of time in visiting regularly the projects on the ground or governing and steering the Foundation.

He has chosen the intense and consequent was of philanthropy. He is more than just an ambassador. He he is a change maker." On the preparation process for the Match for Africa 6, Händel concluded: "It will be a very busy time because we really want to make a unique memorable event out of it, not just the fans enjoying it but also Roger and Rafa having the best time in their life coming to Cape Town.

We are embracing the challenge but luckily we still have a lot of time to prepare." Händel concluded: "Roger invests a remarkable amount of time for his Foundation. There is no Board meeting without Roger. Normally, we have two to three Board meetings per year. In between, Roger is always accessible and I meet Roger quite often. Many decisions need to be taken."