Djokovic wants to break Federer and Nadal records, doesn't want regrets

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Djokovic wants to break Federer and Nadal records, doesn't want regrets

Novak Djokovic was asked by CNBC how important records are for him now that he seeks to hold most Grand Slam titles over Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The world No. 1 said: "Is it more important than the time I spend with my family? Is it more important than my health or anything else? No.

I am going through the process and I am 100 percent honest and transparent here with you and talking a lot with my wife about it and with my parents and brothers, all the close people because I am just trying to get an understanding from different points of view because I am also in a very special place privately and professionaly and father of two angels.

And time with them is precious and I do not want to go through life and then reflect on some milestones and not really being there for those milestones and regretting." Can he imagine life without tennis? "Yes and no.

I can imagine it because I am not afraid of losing tennis. I feel I am happy with many different things but I said no because my life will not be without tennis. Because even if I do not play professional tennis I will still be active in tennis.

I want to have my own tennis academy, transfer and convey all the tennis experience and knowledge know-how of people around me into the new generations of Serbian tennis in world tennis." On how he gets through tough times, he concluded: "We just have to sacrifice and give up certain parts of us or maybe habit. There are things that we have done so far that may not work anymore."