Wimbledon loss to Novak Djokovic hurt Roger Federer mentally - Mouratoglou

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Wimbledon loss to Novak Djokovic hurt Roger Federer mentally - Mouratoglou

In an interview with Sdna, Patrick Mouratoglou commented on Roger Federer's Wimbledon final loss to Novak Djokovic wasting two match points. Serena Williams's coach said: "It definitely hurt Roger mentally and that's understandable.

It would hurt everyone if it's so close. He had it in his hands. That match and that point were very important for the race to hold most Majors. Although he is an unbelievable champion, it's very difficult to forget something like this.

He could have forgotten it, but it definitely influenced him. As for Djokovic, he was playing being injured. I do not think Wimbledon had something to do with it." On Tsitsipas dropping his level in recent times, Mouratoglou added: "It happens to all the younger guys when a player raises like this at such age.

Because you are evolving and at some point, you realized what you did, so responsibilities reach another level and you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself. You think you should beat some opponents, you have a different mindset, which influences your results.

Then you get used to it. Stefanos is motivated and he has all that is needed to have success. So you should not be worried. The learning process is difficult, you go through different stages and every different stage features expectations and different things you need to get used to.

It takes time." Federer will be playing the Laver Cup this weekend in Geneva, Switzerland. He will be joined by Rafa Nadal who won his 19th Slam title at the US Open, and Alexander Zverev and Dominic Thiem and other players.