'Ferrero was my favorite player, then I started following Federer' Hanfmann

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'Ferrero was my favorite player, then I started following Federer' Hanfmann

In an interview to Putno de Break, the German player Yannick Hanfmann spoke about his inspirations. Hanfmann said: "Ferrero was my favorite player as a kid, then I started following more Federer. I also like Andy Murray a lot...

I think you can pick many things as an example of the top players, but when I was younger I was seeing Ferrero's matches on TV so it's incredible that I faced him", said Hanfmann, who lost to Carlos Alcaraz, coached by Ferrero.

"I was going a bit slower, I was always good, but I was never among the top players for the guys of my age. I had a pretty slow process, as I grew up I became a better player. I felt I was good but I did not have sponsors and a help from the German Federation either.

I did not play ITF junior tournaments, only the ones that took place in Germany. For me it was the correct way to improve." Meanwhile according to reports, Stan Wawrinka and Christian Luscher are interested in buying the Geneva Open.

There have already been some contacts in the earlier months of 2019. The Geneva Open is managed by the GTP (Ginevra Trophy Promotion) and Rainer Schüttler (former player), and also Gerard Tsobanian, Mutua Madrid Open organizer.

"The tournament is not on the market", he said. "We are not trying to sell it. Now, it's like when someone owns a nice property: someone sees it, appreciates it and they can always make an offer. Coming back to tennis, we say that this tournament has a licence that has a value and so a price needs to be a consequence.

I was not contacted in a direct way by nobody. I hear a lot, yes. But Stan has my phone number, he can call me whenever he wants, if he wants to speak."