Roger Federer shares verdict on Nick Kyrgios ahead of Laver Cup

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Roger Federer shares verdict on Nick Kyrgios ahead of Laver Cup

Roger Federer spoke about Nick Kyrgios and Jack Sock being the Team World Leaders at the Laver Cup. The Swiss said: "Nick and Jack make more buzz when Zverev plays. In the beginning it's funny, then at some point he gets bothered by it.

They are very excited. On Friday it's funny, on Saturday it's still a bit bothering and on Sunday it's very serious. Pressure increases even more and it becomes less funnier. Nick is a good teammate. I am happy he is there despite he is controversial time to time."

On Europe being the clear favorite on the paper, Federer added: "World is favorite in doubles and has bug servers. In Prague and Chicago we won tight matches. I think it will be more balanced than how it looks like. Our sixth player is still higher ranked than the first one of the Team World.

But it's balanced." Federer feels excited about the venue: "People of Mercedes said It's the best arena they ever saw. I was surprised by it. The Chicago Bulls Arena is an amazing Stadium you cannot beat. They think the best Laver Cup edition will be in Geneva, and since it comes from a neutral person who focuses on what's better, it means something.

I know that Tony Godsick and the organizers did not save money to organize an unbelievable event. So I expect only the best thing not just for us players, but also sponsors and fans. A lot of money has been invested."