Roger Federer: 'Rafael Nadal is great guy, super professional'

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Roger Federer: 'Rafael Nadal is great guy, super professional'

Roger Federer spoke about his feelings heading into the Laver Cup. The Basel native said: "First of all I am happy to be in Switzerland, I have not been at home for a while now so it's nice to be back home. Also Geneva, I have spent some time here in the past.

The goal was never to bring Laver Cup to Switzerland in my lifetime. We just thought about creating a great event with Tony Godsick and some other friends who came up with a great concept where we can honor legends of the game and at the same time have the superstars of today with the legends of tennis spending some time with the younger stars having a festival of tennis just for one week.

The attention was crazy in Prague and Chicago and I loved every moment about it. I was also extremely nervous of course because it is different playing in front of Rafa, Novak or Bjorn." On Rafael Nadal, Federer added: "He is a great guy, super professional, gives great and energy and motivation and the belief to believe in yourself.

He is a very strong personality and that's why I enjoyed my week in Prague that we spent together and then also in doubles. That was truly something thrilling." Federer concluded: “It’s definitely going to be one of those weeks that I’ll forever remember.

I’ve played in some incredible matches, arenas, places, but I think this one’s going to go down as a very emotional, very cool weekend. I know we’ll give it all we have”.