Roger Federer shocks Italian restaurant owner in Geneva

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Roger Federer shocks Italian restaurant owner in Geneva

Roger Federer's first day in Geneva ahead of the Laver Cup was Sunday, when before staying at the tournament hotel he had dinner with his dearest ones in one of the most famous restaurants of the place, 'Luigia Le Meilleur de l'Italie'

It was a big surprise for the restaurant owner Enrico Coppola who spoke to Tennis World USA about the fact without revealing too many details. Federer regularly paid what he had to despite he took a photo with the owner that was liked by more than 2,000 people.

"Why should he not", he asked, before adding: "We have some friends in common but we did not know anything. He came with his family, wife and children. He is an amazing person who is so nice. A sports legend. We were very proud and honored that he congratulated us for what we cooked.

Hopefully he comes back here. His love for Italy is well known and he said Italians represent their country in the best way when they are abroad." How did clients react when they saw the 20-time Grand Slam winner? "Swiss people always keep privacy but they obviously asked for photos and he was very kind." In July in Sardinia, Italy, also Rafael Nadal had shocked a restaurant owner going there with his friends.