Roger Federer 'shocked' by Uniqlo request

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Roger Federer 'shocked' by Uniqlo request

Roger Federer spoke about why he signed a $300 million deal with Uniqlo. The Swiss said: "When I signed with Uniqlo, I thought for the first time if I see myself as the brand ambassador after my career. I already have a good relationship with other sponsors, so I was asking myself if I would like to keep being on advertisements.

But Uniqlo thought about me as a person rather than a player, which almost shocked me. The sponsor usually wants you to win your next match. So I have a good feeling and the desire to work with them. And so far it has been great.

As for the future, we should speak about normal life. Because when I end my career, I will not end my life. It will be nice to leave the world of tennis one day and see into what direction we are all going together." Federer added: "In tennis and sports, it's rare to sign long term deals with companies.

That's why we are in a close relationship with my partners. We asked them if they would be interested in joining the Laver Cup. They replied immediately. It means that they believe in me, not just as a player but also human being.

Our relationships are very good also thanks to Tony Godsick. For me, it's important that everything goes well with my sponsors and I leave only when I am satisfied."