Rublev: 'If you show emotions against Roger Federer and Nadal, it's over'

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Rublev: 'If you show emotions against Roger Federer and Nadal, it's over'

Andrey Rublev spoke about how it feels to face Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Last month in Cincinnati the Russian upset the Swiss in straight sets. "If you take the three, for me personally Nadal is the most difficult to play against.

He is so mentally strong who, also playing his worst tennis, is able to make a turnaround and win the match. If you show emotions against Nadal or Federer, then it's over: they will destroy you. In the past I could not cope with emotions and I paid the price for it.

Now I became more experienced and I learned to handle them." On his mindset, Rublev added: "Now I am confident enough. My game level changes day by day, one day you play well, the other one a bit worse, a lot depends on the opponent too.

And mentally - yes, I became more confident and calm, which helped me today. Game wise we will see. The main thing is to do as much as possible", said Rublev who will next face Ricardas Berankis on Thursday. Meanwhile the football star Mats Hummels said: "I know I am not a sprinter, but I am not as low as they often say.

You can read from numbers and if you run one more kilometres per hour slower than your opponent, it doesn't mean you are slow. The best tennis players are Roger Federer at 38, Rafael Nadal at 33 and Novak Djokovic at 32. The best basketball players, for example LeBron James, in some cases are over 30 years old."