Roger Federer: 'Rafael Nadal makes everyone feel comfortable'

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Roger Federer: 'Rafael Nadal makes everyone feel comfortable'

Roger Federer praised Rafael Nadal's involvement in playing the Laver Cup in Geneva. The Swiss said: "He just really fits in the team super nicely. He makes everyone feel comfortable and gives great energy and motivation."

John McEnroe said: "Davis Cup was an important part of my life and career, a chance to represent your country. (This) radical change finally took place after way too long. Now they have this, what's it called, ATP Cup.

So we have three of them when it almost seemed like there was none. They've gotten their heart and soul involvement here, the competition should be something to survive." On possibly seeing the Laver Cup take place in China, Federer said: "Why not!

Tennis moves a lot there, I saw it. The idea when we host the Laver Cup is that the city is totally involved, that is happy to welcome us. For all those reasons, it's a good idea especially because there is a useful facility to host this kind of the event in China.

So having the Laver Cup there is an option I like. Now it will be up to the organizers knowing that at the moment with Prague, Chicago and now Geneva, it was always a success." On how it feels to be on the same team as Nadal and Federer, Stefanos Tsitsipas said: "I would describe it as a lifetime dream, sharing the court with them, experiencing things with them and getting to learn as much as I can."

Nick Kyrgios said: "I love the team event. I love to get behind my teammates and do everything I can as a competitor and as a team player to get the win."