Roger Federer shares why Laver Cup has black court

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Roger Federer shares why Laver Cup has black court

Roger Federer spoke about the Laver Cup choosing a black court to play the event on. The Basel native said: “The black court is the centerpiece of a really cool, contemporary look over all that is such a big part of how people identify with the Laver Cup.

The whole arena is dramatic, with the lighting, the screens around the court, the team colors and benches — all innovations that haven’t ever really been a part of tennis before. As a player, it’s fun to mix things up and compete in a very different atmosphere to our usual weeks on the tour.

And I hope that what we’ve done with the Laver Cup, by doing things a bit differently and with a 21st-century outlook, will help bring new fans to tennis”. John McEnroe said: “It looks cool. I was taken aback a little bit at first, but I think the players are into it.

It seems like a win. It’s something different. It’s got a quality to it you don’t see. There’s an intensity to it. It favors bigger players. John Isner was dangerous the first couple years we played. So was Kevin Anderson.

Big guys sometimes like it a little slower because usually the ball bounces up higher. They don’t react quite as quickly as these superstars like Roger, Rafa [Nadal] and Novak [Djokovic], who rely on their athleticism”.

John Isner said: “It’s going to be interesting. It’s an extremely nice court. It will be a little bit different to get used to the optics of the black court, but I think after one or two days on practice, it will seem to all of us just like any other court”.