Former FC Basel soccer star speaks about Roger Federer's humanity

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Former FC Basel soccer star speaks about Roger Federer's humanity

Former FC Basel player Matías Emilio Delgado spoke with La Nacion about the time when he met Roger Federer. The Argentinean said: "I was speaking more in English, I was willing to speak with him, he has a simple and humble character.

He is a very funny guy. I became captain so for me, approaching him was easier. Before, I was a bit ashamed. In my last four years on the club, he headed into the locker room several times, especially when the ATP of the city takes place or he had some time off.

He is a close Basel fan. I know his mother, father, sister and her husband. I have a closer relationship with his sister Diana than with Roger. She lives in Basel, the husband works with a friend of mine. They are very humble people, feet grounded.

It's lovely how they handle it how simple they are. I last sent Roger a message after his Wimbledon semifinals win over Rafael Nadal." On the details of his conversation with the Basel native, Delgado added: "He did not understand why I had retired being so young.

So he asked me: 'Why, Mati, why?' We were speaking of the whole process. I was attracted because he said he will decide it forenight. It was in the locker room of the ATP Basel in 2017. That year he gave me his racket he had won the Shanghai Masters with.

Because when I retired for the first time, I gave him my shirt. Then I joked: 'Now you have to give back' He laughed. I was nervous. When I retired, he sent me a video and that was already a gift. Then two months later he gave me his racket signed by him. I told him I would play with this racket and not put him on a draw."