Nadal: 'I am not thinking about Roger Federer's Majors all the time'

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Nadal: 'I am not thinking about Roger Federer's Majors all the time'

Rafael Nadal said he is not focused about possibly catching up Roger Federer's 20 Grand Slam titles record. The Spaniard said. "I think we are doing our way. I am doing my way. I'm not going to bed every day and night think about I need to win, you know, a number in particular, no? I just try to enjoy the tennis.

Tennis is not only Grand Slams, by the way. Of course Grand Slams are so important, but I don't take that way. I just try to give me opportunities to compete well every single event. And at the same time, as many Grand Slams we are able to achieve, Roger and me, Novak, all this generation, I think makes our era of tennis a little bit more special, no? So at this point, of course there is Roger, Novak and myself, that we have achieved a lot.

That's a special thing for the last 15 years. So let's see what the things can keep going with something that difficult to know."

Team World's Jack Sock feels confident for the Laver Cup: “As a doubles specialist, I trust my abilities out there.

I played for fun I think my whole career in doubles, but obviously the pick this year was to try to use some success I have had and use the confidence I have in doubles with these guys this week. I love playing with all of them.

Obviously Denis Shapovalov and I will be first-time partners, and we’re going to go out, just have some fun, stay relaxed,” said Sock. I think we play our best when we’re having fun out there”.