Roger Federer: 'Me, Nadal and Djokovic do not speak about our matches'

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Roger Federer: 'Me, Nadal and Djokovic do not speak about our matches'

Roger Federer was asked if he discusses with Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal about the epic matches they played recently and in the past. "That's all we have been talking about. No, we haven't spoken about it. I mean, this is not stuff you really talk about.

I think I'm generally happy for Rafa (Nadal) for winning in New York and winning all the other ones that he has and all the Frenches he's won. I don't know. It's just a massive respect I have for Rafa, what he's done, and Björn (Borg), what he's done at the Grand Slam level.

Djokovic, Sampras, you name it." On Djokovic and Nadal possibly breaking his 20 Grand Slam titles record, Federer added: "These are things you can't really control other than when you face each other you try to stop the other guy, but that's also not the point.

The point is try to win for yourself and your fans, your team and everything, and try to have your best career. I don't feel like it's an elephant in the room. We have not been talking about it, but Rafa maybe has a complete different answer."

Asked who is the greatest out of the three, John McEnroe said: “We’ll know that when their careers have ended. At some point they’re going to stop, I think. Maybe after this weekend (laughter). They may just call it a day when we just whip their asses (laughter). Wouldn’t that be incredible? That would be a surprising story. We’d like to be part of that."