Rafael Nadal opens up on relationship with Roger Federer

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Rafael Nadal opens up on relationship with Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal said he is in a good relationship with Roger Federer and the other Team Europe teammates at the Laver Cup. The Spaniard said: "Media often try to create stories like if some players hated each other. With those tournaments, we show it's the contrary.

There is a rivalry between me and Roger, for example, but it's healthy for the good of the sport. Nothing more! We are friends." Bjorn Borg believes not having rankings points at stake has a good influence: "That's why it's even more beautiful.

We work seriously, we train seriously, but we can also enjoy ourselves as friends before a match, which would be impossible in Grand Slams." Federer said: "There is proudness and pleasure for being in Geneva, that's for sure.

I want players and fans to enjoy. "Laver Cup is different than any other event on the ATP calendar. We are opponents throughout the year on courts. So it's a big idea to make a team and play together during a weekend."

A fan told Le Monde: "I do not know if it will be the future, but it should be part of it, yeah. Players become aware of their friendships. The future of tennis should consider it." And what about how the future of tennis will look like in general? The 26-year-old Annecy native Teddy Rizzo said: "There will always be good players and good show. And then there will be Federer too."