Sometimes Roger Federer is just unbeatable, says Ferrero

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Sometimes Roger Federer is just unbeatable, says Ferrero

Juan Carlos Ferrero faced Roger Federer multiple times during his playing days. The Spaniard said: "When he's playing there are moments where you feel he's unbeatable. He hits every shot aiming to win the point, there are no easy balls coming from him.

It's really hard to play him and giving 100 percent." About his expectations on the 15-year-old Carlos Alcaraz, Ferrero added: "He can be a great player and we work every day to make him get to a professional level but he is young yet and we have to work on many things.

The path ahead of us is a tough one. He should not be worried about the results but about the improvements." Ferrero split with Alexander Zverev in 2018. The German stopped working with Ivan Lendl this year too. "I have a good relationship with Sascha.

Coaches and players are constantly changing. Hiring and splitting up is not strange. I would have loved to keep working with him because back in the day I always worked with one coach as a coach I would like to have a long working relationship.

I hope it will happen with Carlos." Alexander Zverev praised Fabio Fognini: "In practice he was playing amazing, he was playing the best of us. So much energy and fired up." Asked who will win the Laver Cup trophy, Bjorn Borg replied: "Chances are 50 and 50. We will see a great and funny tennis with very close matches, like it should be."